Kids Martial Arts

A fun, exciting, and education martial arts experience at Tiger-Rock Crawfordville!

When you enroll your child at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts for kids, they will join a program that will help grow their confidence, build their spirit, and improve their attitude in a fun and safe setting. Tiger-Rock will teach your child

  • Essential martial arts skills such as kicking and striking
  • Life skills such as self-discipline, self-control, and respect for authority
  • Increase their attention span & their ability to focus
  • Develop respect for authority and courtesy for others
tiger rock crawfordville kids martial arts lessons

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Crawfordville, we’re building the leaders of tomorrow

  • We’re building character. We want to help your child grow on and off-the-mat with our all-encompassing martial arts training.
  • We’re building discipline. Martial arts can help improve your child’s behavior and attitude.
  • We’re building athletes. Martial arts can help your child develop their athletic keenness and physical fitness.
  • We’re building leaders. We teach the value of leadership and good citizenship through courtesy and respect for others.

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Tiger-Cubs (ages 4 and 5 years)

We focus on helping our youngest martial artists build motor skills and more

  • Action-packed 30 minute lessons
  • Curriculum centered on early childhood development
  • Learns fundamentals such as symmetrical movements and following directions
  • Develops listening skills and respect for authority
  • Teaches self-control and self-discipline

Juniors (ages 6 to 11 years)

In this program, we work on building athleticism, life skill development, and goal setting

  • Basic martial arts forms and techniques including kicks, strikes, and sparring (green belt & above)
  • Energetic and fun 40-45 minute lessons after school
  • Learn the importance of stranger awareness
  • Teaches students how to stand up and protect themselves from bullies
  • Build confidence, discipline, problem solving skills, and social skills

Teens (ages 12 to 15 years)

We train tomorrow leader’s today with a focus on leadership and citizenship

  • Extensive, real-world self-defense training
  • A focus on cardio fitness and athleticism
  • Advanced martial arts skills training
  • Training on how to be a good citizen, leader, and role model in the community
  • Boosting confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills, social skills, and mental health